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Welcome to

The Barometer Shop

We specialize in the restoration of antique Aneroid and Mercury barometers. 


The Barometer Shop in Rockport, Maine, specializes in the restoration of antique Aneroid and Mercury barometers. 


When we restore an antique we maintain the original patina while cleaning the case and calibrating the mechanism.  Replacement parts for Aneroid barometers such as glass, hands or bezels are available as well as new movements if we cannot repair the existing one. Glass can be fitted and drilled and indicator hands installed.  

Restoration of Wheel or Banjo barometers involves any necessary repairs to the case, and refinishing and restoring all parts.  Dials can be resilvered, broken thermometers replaced, new J tubes installed and filled, and float and counter sinks properly adjusted. 

We prepare appraisals and estimates at no cost.

The Clock Shop specializes in the complete restoration of antique or contemporary clocks.


Weight or spring driven clocks are overhauled in our shop.  Plates are cleaned, new bushings are installed, all pivots are polished and springs are cleaned and lubed or replaced. Replacement movements are available for Regula, Hermle, Keinenger or Quartz or battery run clocks.


We pride ourselves on quality and timely service and integrity to the trade. All horological services are warranted.

We live at the shop location and are open 8 am- 1 pm Monday through Friday or by appointment. House calls are available as well. 

the clock shop barn
Collection of antique barometers laid on a work bench for repairs and restoration at the Barometer Shop in Rockport, Maine.
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